Best Gardening Knee Pads

Gardening involves a lot of bending, poking, and clambering around in the soil. You need to be all on your fours for most of the gardening tasks which can be difficult and even harmful especially if you are ageing, or have arthritis. Most of the time the ground is uneven, and you may fall or end up resting your knees on a sharp pebble resulting in severe pain that may last days after.

The knee is the most important part of the body that carries the much of weight and supports the body. It absorbs most of the pressure, and the daily wear and tear make your muscles and ligaments weak. The two shock absorbents of knees that are pads of cartilage, called menisci, start to deteriorate with time. Whether you do gardening as a hobby or it is your profession, taking maximum care of your knees not only save you from lots of pains and help you prevent knee damages or putting too much pressure on your knees.
Knee pads are essential for taking the burden off your knees, they help you protect your knees from the potential damage, ease off your pain, and absorb most of the shocks.

Benefits of Knee Pads

knee pads can be useful for too many reasons. 

Knee pads for arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease causing pain in joints and muscles. If you are an arthritis patient, then wearing knee pads can help you alleviate this pain to some extent and makes movement easy. Knee pads keep your knees warm and make bending comfortable.

Absorb shocks

These pads have a layer of high-quality foam that is strong enough to withstand the blows. As we age, the cartilage protecting our knees wears off, and we become more susceptible to injuries. Wearing kneepads keeps your knee protected even in case of accidental stumbling and falls.

Keeps your clothes neat

As you are bending down on your knees for the usual gardening, soil or water can ruin your clothes. Removing tough stain from your clothes is a tough job. Wearing knee pads while working can save your pants or trouser from getting wet and soiled.

Keeps your legs and ligaments in the correct position

Kneepads help you to improve your posture while bending, they keep your legs and ligaments aligned and in good condition. Good posture prevents unnecessary pressure on your ligaments and keeps them in good shape.

Difference between knee pads or kneelers 

Knee pads and kneelers both are used to protect knees from uneven ground. Kneelers are the thick pads that you position on the ground beneath your knees for support and comfort. Knee pads, on the other hand, are strapped around knees. You need to carry kneeler along where you are going and can even forget them somewhere while changing positions while working in the garden. Knee pads support all around your knee and provide more comprehensive support.

Things to consider while buying knee pads for gardening

Before buying knee pads, you need to consider following things so that you buy the best support for your knees.


The first thing you need to consider and ensure is your comfort. You can only work and give your best if you are comfortable enough. Buying the knee pads that allow maximum comfort, is light and does not hinder your movement or slow you down in any way.


Knee pads should be durable enough to bear the soil, water, or rocky surface. You will be wearing them a lot while working, so they need to be durable enough to last long in good form. Those cheap ones will soon wear out, and you will have to buy new ones soon so you will end up paying more than saving. It is better to buy good knee pads that last longer and provide the best cushioning to your knees.


You don’t want to strap the heavy sheets of foam around your knees that are heavy and make your movement difficult. Go for the knee pads that are lightweight yet durable enough to bear all shocks. A good balance between cushioning and lightweight is recommended.

Flexible Straps

The strap of knee pads should be flexible enough. If they lose, you will keep fixing them and too tight may leave a rash on your skin.

Two straps are ideal

Two straps keep your knee pad in a good position from above and below. Knee pads with one strap are more likely to hang away from the knee and make it lose. Two straps, on the other hand, are more flexible and keep your knee pad secure on your knee.

Absorb moisture

You will be bending a lot on damp soil or wet flowerbeds. That’s why your knee pads should absorb the moisture without soiling your pants.

Washable in machine

Washable and easy to wash are important. You will be using them a lot on a rough surface. It will be more convenient if they are easily washable and can be thrown in the machine along with your other laundry.

Best Knee Pads in the Market

If you are thinking about buying a new knee pad then below is the list of some of the best knee pads in the market. Take a look and choose one that seems perfect in size, price, and comfort.

NoCry Lightweight Home & Gardening Knee Pad

These gardening and home knee pads are lightweight enough that you can forget you are wearing anything, while they are sturdy enough for real work. Made with high-quality EVA foam ergonomic design these knee caps cushion your legs and protect surfaces from getting scratches on the surface. The knee pads are contoured to fit your knees perfectly. With secure and flexible neoprene straps they keep their position without loosening or getting too tight. Knee pads are easy to put on with Velcro straps, and you don’t have to bother with buckling up. Knee pads are suitable for wearing indoors and outdoors alike. The adjustable size made them fit for both men and women.

1. Durable with 3-inches EVA foam.
2. Easy to put on with Velcro straps.
3. Fits perfectly with adjustable straps.
4. Neoprene straps for secure positioning.
5. Contoured to knee shape and have an ergonomic design.

1. Too wide for smaller knees.

VIAHART Comfortable Soft Ultra Light Foam Knee Pads

VIAHART Comfortable Soft Ultra Light Foam Knee Pads

This pair of knee pads is ideal for gardening and also for painful knees while doing indoor kneeling jobs. Light and comfortable, these pads offer a great balance for providing proper cushioning for your knees and are lightweight at the same time. Its adjustable straps fit the kneecaps around knees perfectly and are suitable for both men and women. Wearing them is easy, and you can adjust the size with strap. The knee pads come at a very reasonable price and do not put much restraint on your budget.

1. Adjustable size.
2. Easy to wear.
3. Lightweight and comfortable.
4. Can absorb shocks well.
5. Affordable price.

1. May wear off with time.

CandyHome Lightweight Gardening Knee Pads 

CandyHome Lightweight Gardening Knee Pads

Made with high-quality EVA foam, these knee pads provide maximum support to your knees and protect the surface from being scratched. They fit around your knees with flexible elastic straps. They stay at their place without irritating your legs. You can put them on quickly with elastic straps. The elastic strap makes them fit for any shape or size of legs.

1. Made with high-quality foam.
2. Absorb moisture.
3. Fits perfectly any size of the leg with elastic straps.
4. Flexible Straps

1. Elastic straps may seem tight for heavy legs.

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